Audio Signal Distribution



The Laud Media audio system can be connected to any audio source, for instance; Phone, PC, CD player, and distribute it everywhere in small to large systems. Signals, power and control is all distributed on CAT5. Remote push button control panel makes it possible to switch the signals on Laud Medias audio switch. With triggers the users of the system can start audio tracks with one single click. These triggers can be on a standard push button control panel from Laud Media, or be integrated in other presentations.

Laud Medias industrial engineers can adapt the audio system in any form that is needed to fit your corporate style.


This example shows three different audio sources connected to an a-play-MUx-4. all audio units with analog unbalanced stereo can be connected to the distribution system with phono connectors (Rca). Distribution is balanced stereo on caT5. The a-play-MUx-4 is a switch with 4 outputs. There is no need for extra cables to support the control, since this,the audio and the power is all distributed on caT-5 on the lM-bus.

This is a typical set-up for demonstration of mini hi-Fi systems. From a pc with mTrack player placed in a remote technical room, the audio signal is distributed via the a-play-MUx-4 switch to the store on caT5 cables. In the store the signal is distributed on caT5, and connected to laud Media distribution amplifiers. The hi-Fi system products are connected directly to these amplifiers. One amplifier in the system has an integrated push button control panel. With this panel the customers control which input/music category they want to listen to.


example of a push button control panel placed on the shelf near the products to choose the music you want to listen.
In some applications it is important to listen to only one product at a time. This is solved by using the one button control system where one button is placed near each product. pushing this button will mute all other devices, and play only on the selected products. The button is also illuminated to indicate which product is playing.