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Headphones and loudspeaker system

The audio system can take in any audio source, i.e. iPod, PC, CD player, and distribute it everywhere in small to large systems. Signals, power and control is all distributed on CAT5. Remote push button control panel makes it possible to switch the signals on Laud Medias audio switch. With triggers the users of the system can start audio tracks with one single click. These triggers can be on a standard push button control panel from Laud Media, or be integrated in other presentations.



Looking for an increase in sale of more expensive headphones, docking stations and pc speakers? let the customers test them and hear the difference!

laud Medias headphones and loudspeaker systems gives stores a new way to display their products in a customer friendly way.
The system makes it easy for the customer to choose the correct headphone or loudspeakers for pc, Mp3, ipod, Mini hi-Fi.
With four audio inputs, you can listen to a range of different music styles on various headphones and loudspeakers. your music files are always available and easily operated, on spot, with a reliable pushbutton solution.
as a result, the customer can easily compare the audio output. They adapt a greater understanding of the price differences. They will then often choose a higher-priced product and still be more satisfied when they leave the cashier. The user-friendly system also has the benefit of making the customers more self-driven.

laud Media produces a complete distribution and switching system for audio. Typically application areas are with displays of head-phones, pc speakers and Mini hi-Fi.
In this sector we see that letting the costumer test the products in the store greatly increases the average price of the purchased products. The reason is clear. you would never buy a car or a house without seeing it or testing it. a customer that is not allowed to test the product will not spend a great deal of money on a product that he/she will not be happy with.
In a case study from Birmingham/england we saw that the average sales price of headphones increased with a tremendous 63% after installing the distribution and switching system for audio.


  • Electronic retailers
  • Museums
  • Library
  • Classrooms


  • Distribution on caT5
  • high-end quality.
  • Balanced audio
  • 4?4 switch
  • push button control panels
  • any sources (i.e. ipod, pc, cD players)
  • Special software solution from laud Media can be used as audio source: mTrack, MusicBox