Take control of your content

Laud Media is a developer of Digital Signage systems; both hardware and software. By partnering with Laud Media you ensure the future of your Digital Signage system.

The Twitter and Facebook generation is growing up and are becoming or soon will be your main target costumer for your business.

Especially with the smart phone “revolution” this generation has very different “demands” to their shopping experience. They are used to have the information presented to them digitally, and are much more susceptible for digital information then printed. To generate increased sale and improve your bottom line in today’s quickly changing field of retail, you must be on the edge with technology together with your new costumer group


Digital signage usage in Education

Retail Sector

Best fit solution for retail advertisement


Corporate advertisement even will be look more professional


Most critical data need most understandable solutions.

The effective way to inform, advertise and entertain

laud Media has developed a full digital signage solution with media players, monitors and a software to manage the system.
With laud Media’s software, content Management System (cMS), you can easily put your power points, photos and videos to the public screens.
you can start with one small screen, and expand a big system, with unlimited numbers of screens on each location. From the main office (central location) or local administration you can divide the screens into groups, for easy update of content. The content can be scheduled in order to optimize your communication with your customers.

• centralized or local management

• Unique user friendly software for content management, device control and publishing – all in one

• publish content to groups of players simultaneously

• easy to set-up and install

• Non-pc based media players


 Laud Media has the right digital signage solution at the right price for you.

MORe ThaN BOxeS From the idea of digital signage is initiated, to the reality of having a system installed, laud Media can help you in all steps of the way. In addition to hardware and software, laud Media provides services on system design, project management, deployment planning and installation. laud Media also offers services on content preparation, publishing and monitoring – including service and support.

Hardware Displays ? Mounts ? players ? Signboards

Connectivity / infrastructure Wired ? Wireless ? LaN ? WaN ? Internet

Software all-in-one software: content ? playlists ? publish Content power point, photos, videos, RSS and live video feeds

System design Planning with customers, based on their purpose and goals.

Project management and deployment Installation ? configuration and set-up Operations Monitoring ? Support ? Maintenance

Laud Media’s digital signage solution offers a wide range of products – from small signboards to big video walls. In the same store different monitors can be placed in a mixture of fixed positions and moveable stations.
The system can be managed on a local network or remotely over internet. In the store, players can be connected with cables and/or wireless infrastructure.

Enterprise Digital Signage Software

What’s your industry?

  • Automotive
  • Casino
  • Corp Comm
  • DOOH / Outdoor
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Institutions
  • Gas Stations
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitalty
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Technology
  • Transportation

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