Display Signal distribution


Laud Media has designed a scalable HDMI distribution system. The system is special designed for distribution of uncompressed full HD video to multiple destinations over CAT6.

HDTV digital allows you to distribute HDMI inputs (i.e. BluRay, media players and set-top boxes) to multiple HDMI outputs. The HDMI is distributed on CAT6 cables to all TV-sets. The distribution system supports 3D and signal formats up to full HD (1080p). The equipment has robust design, and is to install. The system is also easy to expand, by adding more distribution units.

Software suppported video distributions systems!

a complete distribution and switching system for digital TV signals up to full hD (1080p) over caT6 with advanced control functions. Together with laud Media Digital Signage system you can remotely control the content in the system in multiple locations and easily play out different videos.

The main gain for you by using laud Media hDMI distribution system is not the great increase of revenue, but the significant reduction of loss, due to poor signal, lack of picture, service, down-time and so forth. In our case-studies we see that the stability and flexibility of the system is the main revenue increasing factor.
laud Media digital hDTV system is the most operation secure system in the market, and from our case studies we see that laud Media’s hDMI distribution system has the highest ROI over 3 years of all systems in the market.

  • Uncompressed full hD (1080p) hDMI signals
  • easy to connect any sources, i.e. BlueRay, media players and set-top boxes
  • Distribution on caT6 cables
  • 3D support
  • Robust design for 24/7 use
  • Fast switch time
  • Remote control and monitoring options
  • Remote switching via push button control panel and pc
  • cec power control
  • eDID monitoring
  • hDcp compliant