Demo-kit for TV-wall


With the new control panel series and laud Medias Digital Signage system, customers and sales staff have the possibility to select content on displayed TVs in the TV-wall and other locations. With only one touch you can easily select source or video content. The video content is stored on a media player. The videos are especially designed high quality videos for showing the differences between TV-sets.

With the Digital Signage system, you can also add scheduling functions for playing commercials at pre-defined time slots. The system will then automatically switch to the commercials at the pre-defined time and return to default output when completed. The video content is remotely updated over an internet connection. It is also possible to update content locally with an USB stick. The system has a 5 minutes fallback function, which switches the system back to default input.

Demo-kit / stand-alone  distribution for monitors

Demo kit for interaction with the displayed pc monitors. This demo kit gives the customer the possibility to try out monitors with different content. The system has 10 configurable and selectable videos. The media player has a main playlist (fallback) with video content. It is also possible to schedule commercials at pre-defined time.

  •  capacitive control panel with 10 configurable touch buttons
  • customized front overlay
  • Remote content update over internet or USB update
  • Vga and hDMI output
  • Wi-Fi and ethernet
  • possibility for content scheduling (example commercial every 30 minutes)

Demo-kit for hDMI products

With this demo-kit you can switch between 4 hDMI sources, and see the result on one monitor. With a touch panel with capacitive buttons you can choose which source to watch. The kit can be set up with automatic fallback function, so that it always will return to the content from input 1. The kit is hDcp compliant.

  • hDTV-D-MUx-4?1-h
  • 1 x lMTp-4
  • 1 x special folio design (optional)
  • 1 x lMp-3250 (media player) (optional)