Price Tag Player


The Price Tag Player captures the ?live feed? signal via an HDMI input from the HDMI distribution, and overlays the price tag it receives from the PTP Server in the HeadQuarter. Which it then outputs via HDMI to the TV.?Design, size and position can be changed depending on corporate design requirements.

The PT moves from the left side to the right side with pre defined intervals to prevent the PT burning in to the displays, and in addition the PT is mostly transparent that also prevents burn in the display.

The HQ PTP Server collects it information via a web-service to the company product and price DB, so when it changes it will be automatically updated on the PTP.

The PTP id nr is linked to a specific TV model nr. This is done through the user SW installed in each shop. When the store staff need to change the PTP from one TV to another, they update the PTP id nr to the new TV model nr.

When a change is done in the product/price info DB on ex. Model: Samsung 123, all PTP that are connected to this model nr, will automatically change the info shown.

You can inspect?one of sample projects detail in Power point presentation format 😕Bimeks Metro Garden System report


  • There are several objectives that can be achieved with PTP. One thing that is very clear is the presentation of a very strong corporate identity, via being technology aware and ahead of competitors. Another is being able to adjust the design by a touch of a button, will enable the company to adjust designs according to seasons and holidays.


Return of your Investment:

  • The PTP reduce PT printing cost and store staff handling costs and time to 0. The PTP ensures that all prices shown are correct at all time, which in return guaranties that a TV is never sold to the wrong price, due to wrong PT.
  • The PTP allows for quick changes in retail prices. This need can be a result in big forex changes or competitor price changes that needs to be quickly addressed.
  • By strengthening the corporate identity as a strong technology company by using the PTP, the general revenue will over time increase simply by the use of the PTP.
  • Price Tag Player (PTP)
  • HDMI Distribution
  • Media Processor with Control panel (MP+CP)
  • Media Processor for general company information on TV wall and behind cashiers (DS)
  • Headphone/Loud speaker System
  • Screen Saver Player for Android OS units (MPP)
  • Screen Saver Player for Windows OS units (MPP)