Public Audio Systems


Laud Media has re-invented the “sound system” with today’s available technology.

Public Audio Systems has not changed over the last 30 years. They are still using the same basic technologies of the late 1970`s.

Laud Media employees some of the most professional sound engineers in Europe. And through their work they have developed a completely new approach to public audio systems.


We have all had the airport experience; you are in an airport and can barely hear if your plane has changed gates. You would believe that the reason is poor quality of the public audio system. But actually it is not. The reason is a inherit problem with the laws of nature. The sound is traveling from different speakers at different distances from you at the same time; witch means that they reach your ear at different times. A human ear can understand the difference in as little as 5 mSec; which means 15 meters distance between two speakers. So in a big airport or a big shop you will hear the same sound reaching your ear at maybe 30-50 different times. This makes any public audio system sound unclear for the human ear, and the bigger the room the bigger the challenge to hear clearly. Laud Media has the solution for any venue that needs crystal clear sound.

your public audio system solution

With paS from laud Media you will never again have trouble hearing what is being announced or have low quality sound while playing music.
The public announcement systems have remained more or less unchanged over the last 20-30 years while the world has seen a tremendous development within the technology sector. By using today’s technology laud Media has removed major weakness in a public announcement system, and utilized new technology to let audio play an important role in building good customer experiences. creating a good atmosphere at the point of sale is imperative.
a standard paS generates worse audio quality the bigger the area/room becomes. The laud Media paS is the exact opposite; the bigger the better.
laud Media’s paS is a revolutionary system, which totally redefining how a paS system should work. The investment of the laud Media paS is the same as a standard system. The main reason is that, if you would need 70 speakers with a standard paS in a 5.000 square meter shop, you will only need 30 laud Media speakers to do the same job, with much better quality. This allows you to get great atmospheric sound in your shop/airport/museum/train station for the same cost as a standard paS.


  • high quality
  • can be used in rooms with poor acoustics
  • clear, direct sound which is easy to hear
  • easy to install
  • easy to configure
  • Building blocks: can be built up from the smallest system to large systems for shopping centers etc

WheRe TO USe

  • public areas
  • Shops
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Restaurants
  • Fitness and recreation centers
  • Outdoor arenas
  • auditoriums
  • Sporting arenas


  •  Flexible input
  • easy to choose between multiple inputs
  • Remote control and set-uP


  • your own computer
  • mTrack (laud Media’s software system for playing multiple tracks from a computer)
  • ipods / other media players
  • Radio
  • Internet radio
  • Microphone
Improved audio experience Reduced noise level

combining directional loudspeakers with the laud Media amplifier delay function; you get a significant improvement in the sound experienced, and a reduced level of noise.
This is because the listener only hear one sound and not several different sounds coming from different loudspeakers at various distances.
The directional speakers also reduce the noise compared to standard public audio systems of today since less audio is sent into unwanted objects in the room. The reflection from these objects creates the experience of noise.
The loudspeakers have been especially designed to be used in all applications where audibility of music and speech is very important. They have clear and crisp sound reproduction.