Que System


Laud Media has developed, with help and support from Elkjøp Norway, a new combined system displaying both the current number of costumers in a queue in the store, but also other relevant daily information.


One display in the managers office and/or in the cantina, will show the current information that the store manager wants to give to his/her colleagues, while the another part of the display is showing  costumers in queue at the moment.

One important information that the Laud Media solution provides, which is not available in the other queue system used at the moment, is the time for the longest waiting costumer.

Sometimes there might only be 2 people in queue at a certain department, but they might have waited for 15-20 min, and then other available colleagues should help out in that department.

Download Power Point Presentation of Our Queue System integrated solution. Nemo-Q Laud Media_combined_concept