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Laud Media has a wide range of cost efficient solutions for interactive digital signage. We offer an attractive and effective way to engage and motivate your customers through our products – from interactive tablets to motion activated touch screens.
laud Media’s tablet-series are all-in-one solutions with media player and screens in different sizes. This makes it suited for many applications from “point-of-sale” advertising to product information in the store. With advanced touch functionality, buttons and other triggers it revolutionize the digital signage world.
With products from laud Media, you can build a cost efficient solution that fits exactly your needs.


INTeRacTIVe DIgITal ShelF DISplay a battery operated, 7” Interactive Digital Shelf Display with proven capability to increase sales. With it’s attention attracting features, branding capabilities, small form factor and minimal logistical requirements this product is a cost effective, powerful promotional and educational tool for brands and retailers.
chOOSe yOUR cONTeNT WITh a pUSh ON a BUTTON laud Media has designed an interactive system were triggers such as buttons and motion detectors activate a playlist on one of our media players.

  • The user is in control, and can choose the content they want
  • as a sales tool, the staff can control what to show the customer, and use the special designed content to show the different qualities on displayed TVs.
  • DyI – let the customer read up on products and solutions when they are in the store – i.e. when they are waiting for service