Multiple Platform Player


Laud Media Multiple Platform Player can be used on all units with Microsoft OS and Android OS, such as Laptops/Desktops, Tablets and Smart Phones

MPP initializes when the units has been inactive in a predefined time period as for example 30 seconds. The software will then start up and show content that has been published by you remotely. When the unit is touched, it will go back into active mode again so the costumer can use it.


This allows all units in your shop to show your corporate content and ensures your brand building.

With the Laud Media MPP you can monitor the times each unit has been “activated”, meaning that a costumer has touched the unit. This gives you a very useful statistical tool, that contributes to your team knowledge of witch unites are popular in your shops.

Every units content are published from Laud Medias Content Manager Server. This is controlled from the Laud Media Content Manager Client, and allows you to publish to all unites in one operation from the HQ.

Laud Media MPP for Laptops and Desktops shows in addition to the published content, the internal specs (HD, CPU, RAM etc.) of that individual Laptop

For Laptops and Desktop the MPP can be combined with the Laud Media PC Media Channel Software that allows you to play the same content synchronized simultaneously on all the PCs, similar as on the TV-walls.

All videos will be synchronized on all the screens regardless of model etc. This will gives a very good impression to the costumer.

Sample Project