?Video walls? is a very impressive part of any venue, it allows you to give your information in an impressive way to your guests, and greatly increases the satisfaction and attention of the guest.

Laud Media can provide video walls in any configuration witch can be adapted to your venues architectural style.

The most important part of any video wall is the content presented on the displays. Laud Media provides you with the most functional content, using your companies marketing content, to ensure the highest ROI possible for the system.

The TV wall is the jewel of any consumer electronic shop, and should be treated as such. A full or partly failure at any time is catastrophic for today?s hard earned revenue. With Laud Media HDMI distribution system you can assure that this never happens

Video wall Whether it is in a mall or in a public area like a museum or a library, a video wall is impressive. laud Media offers a package with screens, media players and the software necessary to easily control and use the system. This can be handled locally on site, or remotely.

  • laud Media’s media players delivers content to the screens.
  • all can be controled and updated through laud Media
  • Multiple media players can be connected to a video wall, and controled through software you can easily change from one big screen to a divided solution

There are ways to make your displays interact with static ?props?, such as cut out of a overlay that shows you company logo as an excample

Custom made Special Tv Wall