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A new soul for multimedia

Totem of Design aims to give a soul to technology transforming the digital hardware in an aesthetic item that draws attention as much as the content. The lines and shapes of Italian luxury design make the ‘container’ a beautiful object able to communicate even before the contents. Emotion comes before function. Technology becomes an invisible prompter.

Totem of Design’s new concept relies on aesthetics, quality and attractive materials, and provides the most innovative technologies integrated into unique, elegant design objects with the exclusive strength of the Italian attitude. Not stereotypes but objects with their stories, each inimitable and customizable.

The dichotomy between inside and outside disappears to open up new interactive places, ideal in endless luxury location.



Creativity, tradition, high craftsmanship, technologic know how, and quality control are the elements that designate our products of Italian design.

The ability to perform and the creativity of our design studio is able to create exclusive objects to satisfy every exigencies.

Our experience is at complete disposal to our customers and can realize all the solutions they prefer and customizable projects of design satisfying all requests.