Trolly Monitor MGO


The Mediachrome MGO, Sidewalk Poster, is an innovative instrument of communication makes a strong impact with your communication. It presents itself as a “Trolley Monitor”: it looks like a traditional A-line easel however, it is completely digital and has lockable wheels, clean lines and compact size, suitable for any location that needs to adopt a non-invasive tool.


Videos, images and animations can be viewed with the greatest flexibility and simplicity, thanks to the quality of the 32″ LCD panel with full HD resolution and 500 nits with backlight LED technology. Whether you’re a bakery, a bookstore, a boutique or a franchisee, the need to communicate promotions, discounts and offers are of fundamental importance. The monitor MGO is able to do all of this. Your media is simply loaded on a local memory usb or sd card, or can also be sent remotely through a simple software application via the Internet .

The MGO has a anti-theft security system and is particularly suitable for the substitution of traditional posters and paper ads. It is the perfect solution for an introduction to digital signage.


  • Tubular chrome steel for mounting

  • Chrome buffed steel

  • Wide range of mounting methods

  • Back panel for static poster

  • Optional free-standing floor system in chromed stainless steel

  • Low voltage Cable-less System


  • EMC 2014/30/UE

  • LVD 2014/35/UE

  • ROHS 2011/65/UE

  • IP Code IEC 60529

  • IK Rating IEC 62262

  • Safety of Information Technology Equipment IEC

  • Sine Vibration Test IEC 60068-2-6

  • Safety Requirements of Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus IEC 60065


  • Enclosure Colors

  • Chrome Steel

  • Glass Colors