Industrial Grade Media Processors


Iadea XMP-7300 - True 4k 60fps

This robust, True 4K digital signage device packs the richest features into one palm-sized appliance suitable for professional installations, outdoor environments, in-train advertising (anit-shock and anit-vibration) and video wall applications.



Iadea XMP-6400 - HDMI In overlay

Perfect for live streaming applications at a sports bar or a restaurant, XMP-6400 offers HDMI in video input and enables users to create any animation contents using PowerPoint.

Very robust construction and is anti-shock and anti-vibration.



Iadea XMP-6250 - Mainstream Media Processor

Positioned as a mainstream digital signage media player, XMP-6250 comes with all the standard features needed for any project: fanless, sefl-recoverable with minimal maintenance efforts. Give it a try today and you won’t be disappointed.



Iadea MBR-1100 - Compact “Plug and Play”

This affordable compact digital signage device packs the essential features into one palm-sized appliance that is designed for continuous playbacks without delay.