Laud Media, başarılı bir Digital Signage Sistemi elde etmek, işletmek ve hizmet vermek için gereken tüm hizmetleri sağlar. İlk proje danışmanlığından eski sistemlerin kurulumuna ve depolanmasına kadar her şeyi kapsayacak şekilde.


Doğru Sistem ve yazılım Seçimi

Laud Media helps you to acquire the right information needed and to analyze your needs, to manage to choose the correct HW and SW solution that fits your organization and budget.

There are many different solutions and it is important to understand what are the possibilities and limitations of any system or hardware, before choosing a Digital Signage system structure.

Laud Media has extensive experience and the most important goal is to find a solution for the client that they will be happy with for many years into the future.

uygulama ve eğitim

Laud Media has the personnel ready to install in any country needed. Today we have installed in almost 30 countries, and worked with different construction and architectural companies in all of them.

This demands knowledge and experience with project management, in which Laud Media has extensive experience in.

Laud Media will provide any education and training if needed to company personnel in how to operate and maintain the Digital Signage system

operasyon ve bakım

The daily operations and system reporting is done through one of the different options of Content Management Systems (CMS)

Laud Media provides any solution which is needed by the costumer and the organization.

içerik hazırlama

Content is the most important of any Digital Signage system, without professional and effective content, it does not mater how “high tech” system you have, the content is what ensures Return of Investment.

Laud Media produce content for several thousands displays monthly, and can help you and your organisation to make the best content meant for Digital Signage

Servis ve garanti

Laud Media provide all services needed, both remotely and on-site.

The Laud Media technicians always are available to assist with any service issue at any location

Laud Media provides 2-3 years warranty depending on hardware type and brand.


YENİLEME ve Donanımın Yeniden Kullanımı

For large clients with operations spanning over several shops and/or countries, there is always a need to be able to refurbish, move or close shops.

In these cases Laud Media provide service to refurbish used hardware and store it for then to be used in new shops.

Its all organized for you.