Product and Systems

Laud Media provides all the needed Products and Systemes you could need to run any successful Digital Signage system in any venue.


Video walls

Video walls is a very impressive architectural part of any venue. It allows you to give your information in an impressive way to your guests, and greatly increases the satisfaction and attention.

Laud Media provides any shape or size needed, the imagination is the only limitation for the possibilities.

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SINGLE displays / Menu BOARDS

Single Digital Signage displays are a great way to attract the costumers attention in a smaller area, either to a single product or give specific information.

With the right content you can greatly increase your change to reach your goal.


Large LED Displays

No matter the sector and the application, no matter the requirements, whether it is for one or one thousand square meters, whether it’s a single screen or a network of one hundred points, we can provide the right LED solution at the right price-performance point.



Information Totems

Digital Signage information Totems are a great way to take the customers attention in a otherwise crowded area.

Laud Media produces a wide range of information totems for both indoor and outdoor use.


INTERACTIVE Digital Signage

Allowing your customers interact with you Digital Signage is a great way to take their attention, and make sure they have a much higher chance of remembering your message

Laud Media provides a wide range of Interaction possibilities.


Iadea Smart Signboards

IAdea Smart Signboards are perfect solution for any company with meeting rooms. The IAdea smart touch displays is part of IAdea Smart Workplace series which incorporates a robust design and commercial functionality into a value-pack interactive digital signage solution.


Iadea Media Processors

Laud Media provides and installs only industrial grade media processors in all its projects.

Laud Media is the distributor of IAdea digital signage products in Turkey and the middle East. Join the over 250.000 happy and satisfied IAdea users.

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Store Radio

Store Radio