Return of Investment

Laud Media have a wide range of expertise in implementing projects in companies in different sectors and finding the best ways to get the best return for your investment (ROI) or return of objective (ROO)

We supply “install and forget” products and systems. We have several examples of systems, which have been running for a decade continuously without any downtime or need for on-site service.
— Odd Roar Olsen, General Manager

Long lifetime

The point which has the clearest ROI by working with Laud Media is; the very long expected lifetime of our hardware and systems. Everything is made for 24/7 operations in mind, and as a fact; none of the Laud Media products has an on/off switch, they are truly 24/7 products.


Measure everything

Laud Media is the best partner for ensuring ROO, when you have specific objectives that you want to achieve, such as brand building, brand awareness etc. Laud Media works with you from the beginning of the project to ensure that you achieve you goal, and most important off all, help you find good way of measuring the success.
The next point, related to ROI, which of course is related to the first is the very low service rate. Our goal is to have 0% downtime on your system, which results in loss of income or not achieving your objectives. Downtime of any system has many hidden costs, that when uncovered can often become very costly. When partnering with Laud Media; you ensure your Return of Investment.


Ask for consultant advice

Laud Media provides several different types of consultancy related to our Systems. By understanding and adapting to our customer’s needs, we can offer them the best technical solutions and thereby help them to improve their sales.
Contact us for a non-committing introduction, where we can together find the best solution for your company.


Successful Investments

Laud Media has systems installed in almost 30 countries, and have had long term relationships with our customers. This has given us a very high knowledge on how to great a successful project. Laud Media advice you on “how to” on every step of the project: Planning, Implementation and Operations.