Digital Signage Video Wall

Video walls is a very impressive architectural part of any venue. It allows you to give your information in an impressive way to your guests, and greatly increases the satisfaction and attention.


Gigantic Video Wall with full resolution

Laud Media provides video walls in any configuration which can be adapted to your venues architectural style.

The most important part of any video wall is the content presented on the displays. Laud Media provides you with the most functional content, using your companies marketing content, to ensure the highest ROI possible for the system.


Video wall

A Video wall whether it is in a shopping mall or in a public area like a museum or a library; it is impressive. Laud Media offers all hardware needed such as displays, media processors and the software necessary to easily control and use the system.


Irregular shapes

Displays can be configured in almost any shape that you can imagine that fits your need.

Laud Media provides you with alternatives and designs to ease the decision making process


When having acquired a video wall, the most important thing i the content that you show on the displays. It must be effective and take the customers attention.

Laud Media helps you get the most out of your content.