10.1” touch-enabled smart signboard with PoE for Meeting Rooms and Retail



Ask us to find out which software partners of ours support NFC!


Touch function also allows for browsing of today’s meetings


PoE (Power over Ethernet) transmits power and information

brandable LED LIGHT-BAR

Use different colors for room status or product identity


  • Flush and VESA mount:

    • Unlike most signboards, XDS-1078 flush mount is designed to keep the signboard as close to the wall as possible to deliver a more visually appealing and user intuitive industrial design. With the provided step-by-step mounting guide, installing the flush mount is a breeze.

  • Glass Mount Solution:

    • To maximize the aesthetics of meeting room technology without sacrificing functionality, XDS-1078 can be paired with IAdea’s newest glass mount solution. Designed specifically for those fashionable glass meeting rooms, the glass mount allows for simple installation while keeping the glass as pristine as possible.

  • Content Rotation:

    • Landscape, portrait or both? Again, store managers decide! Dummy-proof easy rotation anytime anywhere.

  • Authentication Access Request:

    • Enhances room management efficiency, offering end-clients the peace of mind, by offering touch-enabled authentication of IDs such as staff badges or authorized guest passes.

  • On-site Booking:

    • Increases operation efficiency by eliminating time-consuming typing and submitting via website, but instead, allowing meetings to be booked directly from the panel in-person.

  • Data Report:

    • Ad-hoc booking statistics by room and/or organizer in addition to reporting room features error through display to improve room management, available through IAdea Silver software partner Concierge.