Mainstream 1080p Media Processor


Minimal Maintenance

The robust XMP-6250 is designed for 24/7 usage with self-recovery mechanism and a fanless cooling system for minimal maintenance and maximum running time.


The XMP-6250 can operate continuously in temperatures between -20 to 50 degrees celsius. Perfect for any environment anywhere around the world .

Digital and Analog Audio

The XMP-6250 comes standard with both 3,5mm analog audio jack and digital S/PDIF out to deliver the best audio quality to you content.

Robust eMMc storage

The XMP-6250 has eMMC with hardware based flash management while improving data consistency.


  • Reliable Playback:

    • Supports 1080p/30Hz video playback, plus HTML5/JavaScript /CSS/Android 4.4 open standards. Third-party software development compatible.

  • Highly Robust:

    • XMP-6250’s fanless, ruggedized design ensures uninterrupted performance despite shock and vibration.

  • Content Rotation:

    • Each system integrator has clients from various segments. Each segment end-customer utilizes digital signage differently. Landscape or portrait, different mood for different mode with only a click of a button! Easy switch between various viewing orientations. Multiple zone layout also available.

  • Less CO2:

    • IAdea > PC any time, any day! XMP-6400 generates 6 times less of CO2 compared to a PC solution. Join the green initiative with us. Greener, cleaner and more affordable! Check out our latest demo video and upgrade to IAdea from your PC solutions today!

  • Touch Enabled:

    • To touch is to experience. Interactivity with customers is a key to success. XMP-6400 helps you win. Perfect for way-finding, movie showtimes, product selection and so much more. Our device supports your most unique, captivating visual experience.