Media Processor with HDMI input for overlay


Extremely Robust

The XMP-6400 robust design ensures uninterrupted performance under any circumstance. You could even drive a truck over it and it will not stop playing (we have tried)


The XMP-6400 can operate continuously in temperatures between -20 to 50 degrees celsius. Perfect for any environment anywhere around the world .


The HDMI-In opens a world of possibilities. For example you can play normal TV signal while you overlay your own advertisement.

HDCP 1.4

The XMP-6400 Is HDCP 1.4 compliant so it can take any HDMI input signals with ease.


  • Dual output:

    • Dual output includes both HDMI and VGA outputs, allowing for more versatile applications. Play the same contents simultaneously for two different displays – do more for much less cost!

  • RS232:

    • Remote control is your best friend for all scales of deployments. Take about convenience at its best! RS232 port allows users to receive display information, such as device status or any trouble shooting, and to turn the display on or off, via your IAdea player.

  • Content Rotation:

    • Each system integrator has clients from various segments. Each segment end-customer utilizes digital signage differently. Landscape or portrait, different mood for different mode with only a click of a button! Easy switch between various viewing orientations. Multiple zone layout also available.

  • Less CO2:

    • IAdea > PC any time, any day! XMP-6400 generates 6 times less of CO2 compared to a PC solution. Join the green initiative with us. Greener, cleaner and more affordable! Check out our latest demo video and upgrade to IAdea from your PC solutions today!

  • Touch Enabled:

    • To touch is to experience. Interactivity with customers is a key to success. XMP-6400 helps you win. Perfect for way-finding, movie showtimes, product selection and so much more. Our device supports your most unique, captivating visual experience.

  • IP Streaming:

    • Restaurants and pubs, corporations and schools, love to stream directly via IP videos on YouTube to engage with the audiences. IAdea’s easy breezy firmware functionality enabling any YouTube video URL to be typed in, and viola, let the fun begin.